Recent Expeditions

Suriname 2012
During the 2012 expedition we visited the Gran Rio, the upper Suriname river, black water and the coastal area.

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Suriname 2011
In 2011 the expedition visited the Gran Rio, the upper Suriname river, Brownberg National Park and the coastal area.

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Suriname & French-Guyana 2008
During this first journey we visited various parts of Suriname and French-Guyana.

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Surinamese fish names

A list of the many common names for the fishes from Suriname including their Latin translations. Click here »

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Welcome to Aquatic Discoveries


The aquarium hobby has many enthusiastic fans worldwide, but few know what the natural habitat of their fishes really looks like. Aquatic Discoveries was created as a result of this knowledge gap.

The goal of Aquatic Discoveries is to spread knowledge about the natural habitats of our South American aquarium fishes. For example:

  • Rivers and tributaries (Rio’s)
  • Rapids (Sula’s)
  • Forest creeks (Kiki's)
  • Black water savannah creeks (Blacka watra)
  • Lakes
  • Swamps (Zwamp)

During our expeditions we try to completely describe the habitats by:

  • Taking above and underwater footage (photo and video).
  • Describing the surrounding (location, vegetation, presence of rocks/wood etc).
  • Describing the water parameters (Color, current, pH, conductivity, temperature etc.).
  • Catching and identifying as many fish species  as possible that are present at the location.

During our stay in the research areas we prefer to do business with local inhabitants and lodge owners. This we do to help the local inhabitants and to make them aware that is pays off to preserve their surroundings.

We also work together with various scientific institutions, museums and universities worldwide to collect samples and share our findings.

You cannot preserve something that you do not know exists.

- Ivan Mikolji

The Amazon: Below Water

Oliver Lucanus was born in 1970 in Germany. Since moving to Canada in 1986, he has build a carreer around his fascination for nature and the world below water. Oliver Lucanus is known for making fantastic photo's of the underwater habitats of our aquarium fishes. These photographs, combined with interesting stories have now been published in his book: The Amazon Below Water.

This book (30*30*3cm) is a collection of the finest material that he made during expeditions to the rivers, lakes and flooded forests of South America in a period of 18 years. All 300 photographs (of over 200 species of fish, animals and plants) were made during his expeditions to South America. By focussing on the world in the water the reader gets an unique perspective of the different underwater biotopes in the Amazon. For the first time the reader can see scooling fish, predators, feedingspacialists and the more famous inhabitants of the Amazon river in their natural habitat. The Amazon: Below Water is available in English or German

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Freshwater Natural Aquarium

Ivan Mikolji is specialised in  the photography and filming of rare and hard to find fishes. He is also the founder and director of the 'Fish from Venezuela Foundation' (Foundacion Peces de Venezuela).

In his latest documentary he will take the viewer on a journey under water in 33 rivers and 7 different biotopes. It is one of the few available documentaries that focus completely on the natural habitat of our aquarium fishes.

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